•B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• network provides a platform for tween and teen girls with purpose.

The •B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• Network is the only teen girl social network of its kind that gives girls the opportunity to express themselves share their aspirations, goals, meet others with same interest, and just have fun doing so.

Members can showcase pictures and video’s, create groups of interest and chat. Also included;

   Girl 2 Girl Blog Talk
    Personal Resources
    Safety Resources
    Life Skills Solutions
    Empowerment Tools
    Fashion and Health Updates

What is •B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• and its Pledge?

•B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• is a teen girl who holds herself in high esteem, that believes in a set of core "Principles" that marks of personal respect and values.  

•B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• continuously seeks a moral stake in herself despite odds that may come up against her.

•B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• are not considered judgmental of race, sex, income or lifestyle nor biased.  

•B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• are well rounded and stands steadfast to empower herself with wise options.

The •B•A•D•G•I•R•L•S• principles are;
B•Beautiful • I know I possess an inner prepossessing demeanor with a kind disposition.

A•Accountable  • I am cognitive to personal actions and rebuke excuses from my existence.

D•Dedicated • I take personal unyielding action that yields positive result.
G•Grateful • I acknowledging all that has been given to me with humbled appreciation.
I•Ingenuity • I am inventive, creative,  innovative, insightful and industrialistic.
R•Responsible • I am accountable for anything based on my personal and verbal actions.

L•Luminous • I am the light and the change that I wish to see in the world.
S•Salubrious • I am a giver of myself unconditionally to all.

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